Одним из способов выражения будущего времени в английском является конструкция to be going to. С ее помощью мы выражаем намерение совершить ...


15 окт 2012 ... Студенты часто путаются, когда нужно использовать глагол в его первоначальном виде, а когда - с частицей to. Иногда частицу to ...


Группа One Step To Madness играет на стыке жанров Post-Hardcore и Melodic Metalcore. Завораживающие мелодичные рисунки сочетаются с тяжёлым ...


to tell. No, I ______ do it tomorrow. mustn't don't must. She must ______ it. ... haven't to don't have to. She ______ look after her little sister. has to have to


Что же означает это выражение used to с формой инфинитив. Итак, used to – это выражение, которое означает, что нечто постоянно происходило в ...


Nov 17, 2016 ... See More At: http://www.kiddies-kingdom.com/20_cosatto/2202-cosatto-to-n-fro- range.


Обороты used to do и be used to doing часто можно услышать в речи героев фильмов или сериалов, а также прочитать в тексте книги или статьи.


promise: Определение promise: to tell someone that you will certainly do something: . Узнать больше.


17 апр 2013 ... Стоит обратить внимание на то, что после make перед инфинитивом глагола (заставить сделать что-то) не используется частица to.


We use the verb want to talk about wishes and needs, and to give advice: What do you want for dinner tonight? (wish or desire). The kitchen wants painting.


.to is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of the island kingdom of Tonga. The government of Tonga sells domains in its ccTLD to any interested party. The .to ccTLD is administered by the Tonga Network Information Center (Tonic).


You have to know how you want to date. Because there are several different ways of going about it, each with their pros and cons. Remember that you don't have to stick to any one style.


Every semester, I use an activity to introduce my students to economic inequalities. First, I split them into groups of 3 to 5 people. Next, I put a series of average costs for living in our county on the board in the form of an easily readable Powerpoint slide...


Wait till it stops raining, take the picture, then add the rain back in using Photoshop, which is exactly what we're going to learn how to do.


Being in a foreign country only forces you to learn what is necessary to survive — the ability to


8. (colloquial) (to have a problem) (Mexico). a. to be wrong with.


If you're preparing to return to work after a maternity leave, it can help to have some examples of letters you can use to communicate to your employer.


From Middle English to (“to”), from Old English tō (“to”), from Proto-Germanic *tō, *ta (“to”), from Proto-Indo-European *de, *do (“to”). Cognate with Scots tae, to (“to”), North Frisian to, tö, tu (“to”), Saterland Frisian tou (“to”), Low German to (“to”), Dutch toe (“to”), German zu (“to”), West Frisian ta (“to”).


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